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Chuan-Lian, General Welfare Service of MND, Taiwan Fresh Supermarket, , retail dealers

Call to Order

  • Please give us product name, specification, quantity, address and phone number of a purchaser. We will confirm your information. After we receive your payment, we will arrange to deliver. Total amount of merchandise is under $2000, buyers have to pay shipping fee $150. The shipping fee, $150, excludes country areas shipping fee. We offer discount for group buying. Please call to ask.
  • Payment Method: postal remittance, bank transfer, or ATM
  • Post Office Giro Number: 02982005
    account name: CHIN JUN I FOOD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
  • Bank transfer: Taiwan Business Bank, Fu-Hsing Branch, bank code: 050
    account name: CHIN JUN I FOOD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD,
    Account Number: 07012028258

Factory Contact

Chin Jun I Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
Factory: No. 67-1, 32nd Rd., Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung 407, Taiwan.
TEL: + 886 4 2350 4339
FAX: + 886 4 2350 4563