Healthy gift four-in-one box

Healthy gift four-in-one box

Black Sesame Oil Camellia Oil Cold Press Flaxseed Oil White Sesame Oil


  • 100% Black Sesame
  • 100% Camellia Seed
  • 100% Flaxseed
  • White Sesame, Soybean Oil


  • Black Sesame Oil :Chicken Soup, Black Sesame Oil Pig Kidney Soup.
  • Camellia Oil :is relatively high-temperature durable oil. It is suitable for mixing with noodles, sauting, stewing, frying, and deep-frying.
  • Cold Press Flaxseed Oil :can drink 10 ml flaxseed oil, mix food with flaxseed oil, or stir-fry food.
  • White Sesame Oil :it can be used to stir-fry food, add into dumpling sauce, mix with tofu salad, or add in the soup to make food more delicious.

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